Nirvana Triple Play – Three Times the Fun!

This was my first insert and three-point play toy. I first saw it at a sex toy party and thought it was a bit intimidating. We were able to pass it around and feel the different settings, texture, and firmness of the anal play part. I specifically bought this toy because I wanted to try something new. Around this time I only had two clitoral stimulators and three different cock rings. I had yet to try something that actually tickled my insides.

I brought it home worried about how my husband would feel about us using a phallic toy (some men can feel threatened by phallic toys). This blue toy turned out to be one of his favorites! The Triple Play has a wonderful clitoral stimulator (the end with the feelers) with its own bullet, a second bullet (the largest extension) for vaginal penetration, and a soft flexible anal play tip (which you can insert or simply rest against the back door!). He gets to use it on me while I have him in my mouth, and we both enjoy each other’s response, often climaxing at the same time.


The texture is soft silicone, it is 100% waterproof, and phthalate free. It has three different settings: bzzz, Bzzzzzzz, and BZZZZZZ! Each with its own happy ending!

You should wash it before and after use with an adult toy cleaner, and use only with water based lubricants.

Own It Now!

  • 100% Waterproof
  • Phthalate Free, Made From Silicon.
  • Two separate, happily placed motors.
  • $39, plus flat rate domestic shipping.

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