Reply: A Weighty Issue

(Girls-Day-In photo shoot, circa 2009.  Photo Credit: Lisa Vargas)

(Girls-Day-In photo shoot, circa 2009. Photo cred: Lisa Vargas)

Un super abrazo Amor!  Your Weighty Issue post truly inspired me.  I remember when we were teens.  They were such good, but confusing times.  I had a problem with food and eating because I always felt fat.

One particular girl was a huge contributing factor for my body image issues.  She used to call me fat because she wore a size 0, I believe, and I fluctuated between 3 and 7.  For many years I stayed a size 5 and most of life a Medium. Now I feel like I am mostly still a size 5, but feel more comfortable in a 6 or even an 8 (H&M and Marshall’s).

I picked up these books at the library today because I am gaining weight again and my boobs are bigger and obnoxious because they are so sore!  I’m not pregnant, but I have been off of birth control for over 6 months.  I’d like to lose the gut that suddenly emerged over the past 4 months. However, now I have a better mind set about it. Juicing and fasting may be too intense for my two jobs and no sleep, mostly too drastic.

When I got home, I read your piece. It made me feel silly to be so stressed out about not fitting in my clothes. After reading what you wrote, I realized that there are in fact clothes that flatter a woman’s figure and others that do not.  I also thought about how good and comfortable I feel when I wear body type appropriate clothing. Then I remembered the multiple size 3’s in the drawer that I swear I’m going to wear one day. I am dropping them off at the good will store.

I was a size 3 when I had no ass or hips. Now I am a woman (and a Puerto Rican woman at that!), I need space in my jeans for all of this awesomeness!  Thank you honey. I am sure I am not the only one who has truly been blessed with reading your piece at the precise moment it was needed!

Time to just be healthy and feel good and happy with my body. Hugs 🙂


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