Experimenting with White Cupcakes

Tried out this recipe today.  I’m fairly happy with the results.  Used some of the leftover blue cream cheese icing, and then whipped up butter cream icing with pink coloring.

Had a little mixup with the milk-THEN-flour-then-milk, but the batch came out find overall.  No video for this one.  Here’s the link to the full recipe:


One thought on “Experimenting with White Cupcakes

  1. They look divine. :0) I was waiting for the sex part of this posting (haha). Seriously though, blue cream cheese icing? These look so delicious. I’ve only ever made cupcakes once, if you can believe it, and they were red velvet cake with homemade cream cheese icing. (Soooo good.) “Sex and Cupcakes” <<< Great name, by the way!

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