About Sex and Cupcakes

Sex and Cupcakes is a woman owned e-tailer of premium adult toys, positioned in the context of healthy couple play, and always in support of fostering confident, sexually aware women.

Who’s Mellody?

I’m Mellody. I am a cupcake aficionada, and advocate of couples and toy play.

Mellody SmileI like to think of myself as a charming young woman with extraordinary dreams. I want to help people communicate their sexual needs and desires, facilitate great sex, and I’m passionate about helping women better understand themselves at every stage of life.

Growing up in Puerto Rico, with a negative outlook on sex and its consequences, kept me from exploring my sexuality early on. My mother never sat me down to explain pertinent educational information on sex. I only heard about the unwanted pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases, and the poor reputation I would get if I engaged in any sexual activity.

I lost my father to pancreatic cancer before my teenage years, but I vaguely remember him also joking about a “no sex until you are 30!” policy with one of my uncles. The pervading trend in my childhood was sex is bad.

Mellody PeekMy ninth grade Health Class was a breath of fresh air! It empowered me to make educated choices later in my adolescence. Abstinence was not the main subject of the sexual health part of the class, rather facts, options, and maybe a little bit of shock doctrine (concerning abortions and STDs).

I was grateful because it was informative and straight forward.

This site was inspired by my love of cupcakes and also great sex, with the added bonus of toys! After iterating enough that I wanted to impact women around me, my amazing IT husband encouraged me to launch out on my own and create an e-commerce business, with a focus on sexual education and women’s health.

Why Sex Toys?

Wanting to share and educate became an ardent desire for me after buying my second clitoral simulator, a common sex toy.

My husband and I were on vacation and I stopped by the local sex toy shop. The first time we used the toy in conjunction with sex, I thought I was going to explode. The sex reminded me of the few times we’ve had to be far apart because of work and we finally engaged in passionate, loud, and delicious sex!

I was so impressed with the toy, we used it three more times with morning and afternoon sex, then once before bedtime. I had five orgasms that day! My husband had three.

After enjoying the toy so much, I remember telling my husband, and closest friends, that I wanted to buy the toy in bulk and give it to every one of them. While I did end up ordering them, the distributor gave me the wrong item. I couldn’t bring myself to give that to my friends because it was not a model I had used before, and it didn’t look like it would even come close to what my toy did for me.

As I firmed up my decision to help other women by sharing my experiences and enthusiasm, I stumbled upon different companies that offered opportunities to connect with women around me as an affiliate.  None of these entirely suited my needs, so I pulled out the stops, and combined two of my passions to create a platform for education and sexual liberation.

That’s Sex and Cupcakes!

Anything Else In Your Background?

Aside from being a women intensely curious about her own being, and the facets of being woman, I graduated from CUNY’s John Jay College with a Bachelors in Forensic Psychology. I continue to study psychology today with an interest in sexual health, and developmental psychology.

I’ve worked with a Non Profit Crisis Intervention Hotline, as an advocate for Hispanic women.  And today, by day, I work directly with developmentally challenged young women to foster confidence and empower them to be an active part of their community.

My background in psychology, and experience in direct care, shapes my enthusiasm for positive sex education as a means of understanding oneself. It also refines my approach to sharing that knowledge with others.  Day to day, I’m engulfed in literature, and the fascination of exploring this knowledge within myself, and with my husband, bleeds over onto these pages, and through the products that we promote.

Above all else, I truly enjoy sharing these experiences with you.  The simple hope that one might find the same joy I’ve found, in toys, and sexual education, drives me forward 🙂

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