Marathon Sex!

“When it comes to sex, men may be the trash-talking sprinters, but it’s the women who win all the marathons. …After an orgasm, a woman may be anticipating a dozen more.  A female body in motion tends to stay in motion.  But men come and go.  For them, the curtain falls quickly and the mind turns to unrelated matters.”

—Christopher Ryan & Cacilda Jethá, Sex At Dawn.

Female Orgasm: Intense Pleasure, and Increasing Conception

“Despite some scientists’ belief that there is no purpose in female orgasm, it actually works to keep a woman lying down after sex, passively retaining sperm, and increasing her probability of conception.  Not to mention that orgasm is intense pleasure, and anything that feels good makes you want to do it again and again…”

—Dr. Louann Brizendine, The Female Brain.

Splitting The Cicada

Splitting the Cicada: Sexual position that consists of the woman laying on her stomach, with her legs slightly parted, while her partner enters her from behind. This position allows for the penis to be tightly gripped by the vagina.  The woman remains relatively still while her partner alternates between six shallow thrusts, followed by nine deep thrusts, until both partners climax.

The purpose of this position is to make the most of the different sensations produced by the separate strokes and delay orgasm.

This position is fun to use with the Luv Wand because you can nuzzle it between yourself and the bed (or wherever you are making love!) without putting too much pressure on your vulva.

Five-Speed Luv Wand: One Of My Favorites!

Luv Wand

This thing is powerful!

I was originally exposed to this toy at my first sex toy party. We passed the wand around at the party so that we could feel the texture and potency of the vibrations on the back of our hands. This thing is powerful (insert drool comment here)!

At first, I was a bit turned off by the price, but because I wanted it so bad, I shopped around, found a discount, and scooped it up! It’s been a dream with me and the husband since!

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